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The Gamesmen, Episode 54 – Kinect on your Face

tGm54Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about the Lizard Squad hackers get hacked, what you will actually do in  No Man’s Sky, what came out of the Microsoft Event, Ubisoft removing Far Fry 4 from players accounts, Disney announcing “The Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything”, the Planetside 2 closed beta for PS4, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC, Peter Molyneux warning Microsoft against over promising with Windows 10, and  Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Games discussed are Far Cry 4, Prison Architect, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – “Marshalling Ground”
  • Far Cry 4 – “Painted in Blood”

Show Notes:

Go here for the No Man’s Sky interview

Check out Heart of Thorns here

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The Gamesmen, Episode 53 – A Direct Closure

tGm53Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen go over the game of the year for 2014. News discussed is another gamer dies in another internet cafe, Dying Light physical copies being delayed, Sony closing all its stores in Canada, Nintendo halting console and software distribution in Brazil, and the latest Nintendo Direct. Games discussed are Elite: Dangerous, The Evil Within, Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi, Tales From the Borderlands, The Witcher Adventure Game, Far Cry 4, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Pokémon Omega Ruby.

  • The Witcher Adventure Game – “Three Fat Gnomes”
  • Tales From the Borderlands – “High Noon”
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – “Sera Was Never”

Show Notes:

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Hardlydan’s Top Games of 2014

2014 was as far as I’m concerned one of the worst years in video game history. Don’t get me wrong, nothing was released by a major publisher that would almost kill the industry but one game which has that dubious honour was unearthed. So many games came out broken and a few were unplayable. Luckily it’s not a complete tale of woe and there were a few gems, here in no particular order are my picks of the year.


Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Some have said that it is just a re-skinned version of Civ V and to be honest they are nearly right. Things are changed up enough to give even the most jaded Civ player something new, hell even the planets can kill the unprepared. A massive new tech web, aliens and a few tweaks here and there make this, for me a welcome change to the more traditional Earth based Civ games and well worth a look for those who enjoy the 4X genre.

The Witcher Adventure Game


A bit of an odd one here I admit. It’s basically a board game set in the Witcher universe played on the PC. There is a physical version available but I can’t help but think one would be missing some of the atmosphere created by the fantastic music and sound effects in the digital version.

Playing as one of the four main characters (Geralt, Dandelion, Yarpen or Triss) you traverse the world, conducting investigations as you work to complete quests. Each character has their own skill set and can be upgraded with a set of development cards so you can craft your character to match your play style. For some reason Amras keeps playing as Yarpen, I think it’s a height thing. Anyway it’s a great game so go buy it, then Amras and I can play with more people.

Far Cry 4


I was forced into Far Cry 4 by Lee. He bought it for me on the understanding that a: I would pay him back at some point and b: we would play the multiplayer. I have and we did. Why is it in this list? Well to be honest I haven’t played many games for long enough that I would feel happy recommending them. I have however played enough FC4 to feel fairly comfortable talking about it. Unsurprisingly it plays a lot like FC3. So much so it could be DLC. This however is by no means a bad thing and for once a Ubisoft published game actually worked on release. Well. . . Kind of. Whilst the single player experience was an exercise in beauty and tight gameplay there were some annoying bugs to be found in co-op, such as not being able to turn in missions. I also found the invisible tether between both players extremely irksome. Stray too far from your partner and one of you will be teleported to the other as if some giant bungee cord has reached its limit. It is however well worth taking a look at and any fan of the previous games in the series will I’m sure enjoy exploring the beautiful landscape.


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


One of the few games I have actually completed this year and for me a welcome return to Middle Earth. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those that sees you walking for an eternity just to melt down a bit of jewelry at the end. No, time spent in Shadow of Mordor mostly consists of brutally slaying Orcs and Uruk-hai who all seem to have dodgy British accents. I could go on about the fantastic graphics, nemesis system and a whole bunch of other plus points but we would both be wasting our time. Go play it as soon as you have finished reading this post.

Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous

Space. . .

Space is BIG

Mind-bogglingly stupidly BIG.

As far as games go Elite: Dangerous is on a similar scale. Your map? The Milky Way, all four hundred billion stars. 400,000,000,000. Thats a hell of a lot of places to visit not to mention all the planets, black holes, comets and space stations surrounding said stars. It’s not all about exploration although it can be if you want. Starting with a basic ship and a few creds it’s up to you what kind of game Elite: Dangerous is. Take missions transporting goods from A to B, indulge in some private trading, become a notorious space pirate, it’s up to you. You could even follow the news in the stations and possibly end up assassinating a senator. The choice is yours. Whatever you do Elite: Dangerous will continually surprise you with its beauty, depth and stunning audio.

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Favorite Games of 2014, Tephlon12

Last year was both a great year for games and bad year for games. There were many wonderful games that were released last year, so much so that it was difficult to put this list together. But as with every year, I haven’t played every game or been able to give the ones I own the time they deserve. But for the games from last year that I did play, here are my absolute favorites:




When I play shooters, I don’t typically spend a lot of time playing the multiplayer. But when I saw Titanfall, I knew that it was going to be the exception to the rule. For some reason, Titanfall just checks all the right boxes for me. I never get tired of playing, and I think that has a lot to do with the small chunks I can play it in. I can sit and play a three hour session, or I can take a fifteen minute break from whatever I am doing at home and play a few matches. Those small breaks really make a difference for me, and it keeps me playing a game that came out in March of last year. Titanfall is a shooter that I can’t stop playing and I don’t think I will any time soon.



Dark Souls 2

I have a love/hate relationship with the Dark Souls franchise, and I think that is probably the norm with many people who play those games. Dark Souls 2 is a great action/RPG with very fluid mechanics and a wonderful combat system. While I do love a great story in games, I am much more attracted to fun gameplay. In my experience, a story will end, but fun games are always fun. While death in Dark Souls 2 can sometimes be frustrating, the combat itself makes the game worth playing to me; from every lesser foe, to giant boss fights, to PVP battles, Dark Souls 2 was one the most fun games I’ve played this year.



Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a wonderful 2D action/puzzle solving game from Ubisoft that is set during World War I. It’s a very interesting way to tell a story during a time that is rarely portrayed in games. The game tells a story of the events surrounding four characters, and it jumps from character to character as the story dictates. The story truly evoked a roller coaster of emotion from me, especially when the ending comes around. Valiant hearts gives us an interesting take on telling a story during World War I that I enjoyed and doesn’t require shooting people. If you love a great story that is mixed with a little bit of history then you will love this game.



Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

I first became aware of this game over the summer after E3. I had heard something about the game, so I looked it up on YouTube. What I found was an eight minute video of the game and its nemesis system, after seeing that video, I knew I had to play it. This is another game where the story was nothing to write home about, but the mechanics were spectacular. As I played, it became very obvious that the combat was very well polished, and the nemesis system made this game incredibly addictive. The game almost has an inverse level of difficulty to it as I found many fights to be difficult to manage at first, but then they progressively became easier as I got stronger and gained more skills. The game rewards you for getting better at it and for progressing through it. Such smooth and fun game mechanics serve to make it one of my favorite games from last year.



Dragon Age Inquisition

I have to admit it, I am a shameless BioWare fanboy. I jumped on board the BioWare train way back when they released Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and I haven’t looked back since. So this will come as no surprise to anyone that I absolutely love Dragon Age Inquisition. The combat takes a little getting used to, especially when using a mouse and keyboard, as the game definitely seems like it was built for a controller, but by no means is it difficult to get the hang of. The world is massive to say the least and the story is a masterpiece by BioWare standards. I am incredibly relieved that they brought back different races for my playable character, and the nods to the previous games really make me feel like they are connected and part of the same world. There have been quite a few RPGs released over the past year, and in my opinion Dragon Age Inquisition is the best one.

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Top Games of 2014, Amras89

There were many great games that came out in 2014; some of them were broken, but most were great.  Not everyone may agree with this list, but they are the ones that I hold dear from the last year.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein-The-New-OrderIf there was ever a game I didn’t expect to have a good story along with being a great first-person shooter, this would be it. Wolfenstein has been a franchise that puts shooting first with a slight back story to it and nothing to really invest you emotionally. I was blown away with what Machine Games did, bringing a story that enthralled me as well as getting me attached to the characters. From the first level where I was forced to make a choice that no one wants to make, to the very end where I felt I didn’t want the story to end. I was absolutely sucked into the experience of the whole game. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a great shooter with a wonderful story.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valian HeartsI heard the hype, the emotion, and the praise given to this game, and once I played it I could see why people were talking so highly of it. One war that doesn’t get much attention in the video game industry is World War I, but Valiant Hearts definitely did it right. With all the photos from the war to the description of battles, technology, and what life was like during the war; you really can feel for the people that fought for their countries. I really got attached to each of the characters I was playing and when the ending came I was very happy and extremely sad at the same time. Figuring out the puzzles in each level was fun and some have an urgency to finish them quickly to save lives. This is a must play from 2014.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite DangerousFour hundred billion systems, do I really need to say more? So I really didn’t expect myself to like this game as much as I have. From transporting cargo, to space pirating, to bounty hunting, to upgrading ships, to buying new ones; there really is too much in this game for any one person to complete in a lifetime. When I killed my first “wanted criminal” I was jumping up and down with joy, and when I delivered a shipment of cargo and saw those credits role in I felt great satisfaction. All I need now is an Oculus Rift and I won’t remember reality exists. If you are looking for some major bang for your buck, then this is a game that will take thousands of hours before you are truly satisfied, if ever.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

captain_toad_treasure_trackerGood old Nintendo has to be on my list and I chose this game for multiple reasons. Taken from just a small section of Super Mario 3D World and put into his own game, Captain Toad is an adorable character with a gigantic backpack that’s holding him down to “Earth”. All the little details put into this game give it a magic that many miss out on or don’t think about when creating a game. I can’t recall how many times I giggled like a small child while playing when Captain Toad did something that brought a smile to my face. The levels are extremely well crafted and even though finding the collectibles and extra objectives are optional; I just had a feeling of wanting to spend more time in these bite sized levels to explore every little nook and cranny. This is a wonderful game to have for any Wii U owner.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth-Shadow-Of-MordorThis by far was a surprise to me, being my favorite game of the year. I picked the game up on a whim on release day, not knowing one thing about it except it had the nemesis system. The combat is great and it’s fluidity makes is very satisfying. I really enjoyed the back story of Talion and his reasons to go after the Black Hand. This is where the nemesis system broke the game free from the other games in this genre. The Uruk may look like bags of meat waiting to get decapitated, but they all have a personality to them. When the first one killed me and I saw him again, he taunted me and I was out for revenge. Also if not killed properly you might see them again and he sure remembered me setting him on fire, his face even had scarring from being burnt. The world is very well done; inside Mordor it is very bland and not a pretty place to be in, expected for somewhere at the base of a volcano. When I got to Núrn and saw all the color of the grass, trees, and ocean it was a beautiful sight to behold. I am quite happy I got to experience this game, so if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, and have wanted to slaughter hundreds of Orcs then look no further.

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The Gamesmen, Episode 52 – Delayed Fox Hub

tGm52Join Hardlydan and Amras89 for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen interview Chloe Sagal the creator of Virus Jigglin’ Fever and talk about her new upcoming game. News discussed is the Witcher 3 PC system requirements, PS4 being delayed in China, Razer revealing the OSVR, Star Fox Wii U being playable at E3 2015, which console owners are browsing more porn, Devolver Digital wanting to revive Seaman, Square Enix publishing Life is Strange, and Steam trading checking if you are human. Games discussed are Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Far Cry 4, Game Dev Tycoon, Elite Dangerous, Bravely Default, Super Motherload, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War – ” Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5″
  • Bravely Default – “The Fascinating Flower Country”
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – ” Village on the Sea, Moga”

Show Notes:

Check out Chloe Sagal on Patreon

Be sure to vote on the 2014 game of the year

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The Gamesmen, Episode 51 – A Bunch of Stones

tGm51Join Amras89, Hardlydan, and Amahryllis for game talk and fun! This time, The Gamesmen talk about a huge tip for a pizza guy, Xbox One freeing up extra computing power, the PSN hack, Duck Hunt Amiibo data, Steam adding a frame rate counter, a PS4 box filled with rocks, a 911 call over the PSN outage, Elder Scrolls Online possibly going free to play. Games discussed are Clash of Clans, My Singing Monsters, Destiny, Sing Star, Elite: Dangerous, Tales From the Borderlands, Play to Cure: Genes in Space, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – “March on, brave Toad!”
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War – “Main Menu Theme”

Show Notes:

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