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The GotY Polls Close Tonight- What Are You All Expecting?

The polls for the 2009 Gamesmen Gaming Awards close tonight at 11:59 PM EST, so, if you have not cast you vote already, get to it! I’m seeing most categories still close, but there are a few runaway winners already. My question to you all is, who do you expect to win and in what […]

Input On Future “Family Nights”?

As most of you know by listening to the show, we have been playing a literal ass-ton of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer mode as of late. So, that begs the question: what would you all like to see as game nights in 2010? I recently purchased my first Xbox360 game- Burnout Paradise, so get ready for […]

6 Days Until The Gamesmen, Episode 23 LIVE

Only six days remain until Episode 23 of The Gamesmen! Come join us on for giveaways, game talk, and the results of our “2009 Gamesmen Gaming Awards”! If you have not voted already, please do so here. Join Lyfeliek and Xcalybr in person, plus Rabid Scotsman, AcidBee, and ZeiramWing via the magicks of the […]

Let Best Buy Help Give You That Hardcore Wii “Fix”

Haven’t given your Wii much love this year? Do you have a gamer on your shopping list and can’t find that perfect inexpensive gift? Are you getting a Wii for Christmas yourself? Well, then this deal is for you! If you’ve missed out on two of the best offerings on the platform this year, then […]

Uncharted 2 “Family Night” Returns 12/26/09 7PM EST

Didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas? Well, we have a grenade with YOUR name on it! With it being a “Double Cash for Kills and Medals” weekend, you NEED to fire up your PlayStation3 for a night of Uncharted 2 multiplayer with TQcast, BMI, The Gamesmen, Evolved Gaming, and the Couch Mercenaries! If you […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 22- Our First Christmas Together

Join Lyfeliek, AcidBee, and the Rabid Scotsman for game talk and fun! This week, The Gamesmen discuss FFXIII Japanese sales figures, Borderlands numbers, DLC information for Assassin’s Creed II and Uncharted 2, your Twitter #TheGamesmenCheck submissions, and more! The party gets started with a Public Service Announcement from the Bearded Brothers. Intro Music Composed By […]

Video Games Live, Pittsburgh Style- Are You Interested?

VIDEO GAMES LIVE RETURNS TO PITTSBURGH WITH A NEW SHOW! Video Games Live is once again returning to Pittsburgh with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to perform 2 special shows entitled Video Games Live: Bonus Round! February 11th and 12th at Heinz Hall (8PM show time). Back by popular demand with a bunch of brand new […]

Applications Being Taken For FFXIV PC Beta

From Square-Enix: The purpose of this site is to recruit dedicated individuals seeking to take part in the Beta Test phase of FINAL FANTASY XIV. Participants will be testing game balance and mechanics prior to the launch of official service, as well as submitting bug reports. All individuals are invited to apply, regardless of their […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 21- Badges, Botched Segments, and… Ballsponges?

Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, Xcalybr, AcidBee, and HardlyDan for game talk and fun! This week, The Gamesmen discuss the nominees for our 2009 Gamesmen Gaming Awards categories, HardlyDan’s testicles, ballsponges, your Twitter #TheGamesmenCheck submissions, and more! Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley” Featured Interlude Music- In Honor of FFXIII Japanese Release First Interlude: “The Shinra Shuffle” […]

Technical Difficulties, Episode 21 Will Post Tomorrow

It would appear that the middle segment(you know, the good one with all of the Game of the Year nominees in it?) is lying on a cold slab and we are unable to revive it. So, while we mourn it’s loss, bide your time another 24 hours and we’ll re-record and edit just for you. […]


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