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“Wii” Already Know It’s Underpowered…


The recent E3 coverage for The Conduit had made me even more excited for it’s retail release. I have to admit that this has been a day-one purchase for me from the start. As much as I hate to blindly pledge myself to any one certain piece of software, this cannot be helped. It is the same with MadWorld and other “mature” core games on Wii- I am voting with my dollars because the ones in the voting booths now have no clue that there’s an ongoing election(hence the popularity of Carnival Games). All we read from the mainstream and enthusiast press is how “everyone would love to see more core titles on Wii”. If this is indeed not a fallacy, have we not we moved past the phrase “for a Wii game” by now? It is EXTREMELY common knowledge to the hardcore and layman alike that the tiny white box is underpowered. So, why is it that most feel the need to belittle it? In the same vein as salting your food at dinner is an insult to the cook, this phrase stands as almost berating the Big N’s chassis as well as it’s third-party support. Does a New York strip steak carry the same quality from Denny’s as it would at Ruth’s Cris? The answer is, plainly, no. Can we get over the fact that Wii just lacks in the horsepower department? If so, there are great mature experiences, however sporadic, to be had. At the moment, my latest is The Conduit.

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