FFXIII Summons Predictions, Part 1


In the August issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine, FFXIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated, “With Shiva, she turns into a motorcycle. That’s a running thing with the Summons, they maybe turn into some kind of ride. If you could just use your imagination to see where that could go“. This is the first time in series history that Shiva will have been split into multiple entities. Their “vehicle” mode in which they both become intertwined will be the motorcycle, so what can we expect from other Summons in the game? This sequence of articles will examine just that.


In true journalistic fashion, Teresa Dun(the author of the aformentioned PTOM article) deduced by common sense that Odin could become a horse(in prior installments, he rode in on a horse when summoned). Recently, several sites have speculated the same idea. In examining the screens, there is some discrepancy in the thickness and shape of Odin’s limbs that make them differ slightly from typical human form. I call this one true.


So, if this information is to be true, what Summons can we expect and what alternate form will they take? I think the no-brainer selection is good, old reliable Ifrit. With Belias taking his place in FFXII, he is a shoe-in for the next installment. So, since we’ve all but confirmed Ifrit, what should his “ride” form be? The ones thus far appear to be personal craft, so an ATV? Armed with a Hellfire cannon, perhaps? Then again, who’s to say that it will be something that exists in our universe? I encourage you to leave comments on this and other Summons/forms that could be revealed in the future.

2 comments on “FFXIII Summons Predictions, Part 1

  1. I think that they should have done something more like the powers of shiva, make her a surf board and she shoots out ice roads to go where ever they need to or something like that not a motorcycle like come on. I think the ifrit as an ATV would be awesome.

  2. Ahhh… Now you are thinking along the lines of my next part of the series- maybe a certain water-based summon? 8)

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