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IGN: Metroid Prime Trilogy Preview

What!!? The complete Metroid Prime Trilogy is being re-released on the Nintendo Wii? This is indeed truth, in case you had not already heard. The video above comes directly from IGN’s YouTube account and depicts fresh, new footage from Prime 1 and 2 in 480p and with widescreen support. Make no mistake about it- this is a port of 2 Gamecube games with Wii controls, plus a repackaged first year Wii title. But, now my collection of the Trilogy will no longer consist of two discs for one system and one for another. This collection is slightly more than it appears on the surface. IGN’s MP:T preview article reads, “The footage also shows the new assets created specifically for the Wii three-pack — along with fresh introduction renders, each game will boot up with brand new animations of Samus. And just in case you missed the details when it was announced, Metroid Prime Trilogy will launch next month in an incredibly sexy metallic package, showing just how serious Nintendo’s taking this special edition.” Metroid Prime Trilogy releases August 24th, 2009.

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