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We’re Watching You, Mr. Ford…


High Voltage’s mature title, The Conduit, was released on Nintendo’s innocent white box the 23rd of June. Leading up to the game’s street date, it was met with minor critical skepticism. Reviewers had called the first-person shooter, “bland” and “disappointing” with a bit of “cliché” mixed in for good measure. This was almost instant bad news as The Conduit was supposed to be our own hardcore Wii redemption. It was hailed as the one to free the core gamer from the land of mini-games. So the question then becomes, will this specific piece of software live up to the destiny set before it?

Earlier this year, the 17th of April to be exact, Matt Cassamassina of IGN fame published the reveal article on what we would come to believe as the game that could change current trends implying that The Conduit was, “Something that skews older. Something that doesn’t revolve around a series of mini-games. Something that looks better than a PlayStation 2 game.” Check, check, and check. It did indeed deliver on each of those points, but at the same time, the tech itself shines more brightly than the art assets. While certain pieces of The Conduit may not live to our expectation, the game is definitely more than the sum of it’s parts. Say what you like of the Wii as a platform, but aside from a mouse and keyboard, the Wiimote/Nunchuk configuration was created for the FPS genre. But, will control be enough to make the title stand out on an extremely casual system?

Sales tracking from VGChartz(vgchartz.com) show promising first week sales clocking in at around 65,000 units in America, dropping off by as much as 50% each subsequent week after. The tally as of July 14th appears to be in the neighborhood of 132,000 copies sold through retail. The Conduit has since released in Europe four days earlier on the 10th, so it will be most interesting to see what the game does in it’s first week across the pond. How many units will it take to secure a sequel? 500,000? 750,000? Only High Voltage Software knows for sure. But, for the time being, we’re watching you, Mr. Ford…

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