The Gamesmen Support the UK In Sticking It to Activision


As most of you are already aware, Activision is employing higher prices on arguably it’s most popular console franchise for the United Kingdom. The UK pricing structure is as follows:
  • Standard Edition: 55GBP = 90USD
  • Hardened Edition: 70GBP = 115USD
  • Prestige Edition: 120GBP = 195USD

This article serves to beg the gamers of Great Britain not to boycott the game as a whole, but to find creative ways to send a message to Activision. It is a grievance to hang the fate of the gaming world on your shoulders, dear British gamers, but this is your call to action, possibly saving us all from software price gouging. Your role is of the utmost importance to us globally.

Infinity Ward is a fantastic developer that does indeed pay attention to the needs of their fan community. They should in no way be penalized for crafting master entertainment experiences, plus you as gamers deserve to experience said software. The Modern Warfare series has a tremendous community on each platform, so a purchase on any of them is warranted and can be justified. Here’s where the UK comes in: ACTIVISION IS USING YOU. Plain and simple. YOU are no more than a laboratory experiment to them. YOU can send just as brash a message back at them by importing the game from the cheaper American market. The PlayStation 3 and PC DVD-ROM versions should work for you. Please be advised that an NTSC version PS3 game must be played on a high-definition display(with component cables at minimum).

We gamers in the United States are depending on you. If Modern Warfare 2 sells in the United Kingdom at the advertised price point, other publishers will insult your intelligence and follow suit. After that occurs, can you guess what will spread as a virus to the US? We as gamers are in this battle TOGETHER and can always vote with our currency. Please- do not let publishers push you around. Without the customer, there is no market for a product. Below are the links to Play-Asia and Toys ‘n Joys to import the game- you cannot let this opportunity pass you by. The software economy factors in to publisher’s decisions- why shouldn’t the same stand for us? The Gamesmen support you.

Play-Asia MW2 PC DVD-ROM
Play-Asia MW2 PC DVD-ROM(Hardened Edition)
Play-Asia MW2 PS3(NTSC)
Play-Asia MW2 PS3(NTSC- Hardened Edition)
Toys ‘n Joys PS3 Pre-Order Page(NTSC)

8 comments on “The Gamesmen Support the UK In Sticking It to Activision

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    Great post!

  2. This is B.S. if Activision pulls this off in the UK and then it makes it way to the States then im so boycotting them , there is now way ill fall into their evil deeds, Infinity Ward is a great developer but i hope Activision rots!

  3. Douchey douchey douchey! That’s complete bs! Do they honestly believe they can get away with something so outrageous? C’mon now! I don’t care how much you love games, if you spend that on one then you gots problems bro. I know I most likely wouldn’t and neither should the Brits. Fight the good fight, brethren. Stick it to tha man and import!

  4. Buying used is also a viable option, and if you do, no money at all goes to Activision. High pre-owned game sales would be a good way of sticking it to a company in an industry obsessed by used sales and rentals.

  5. I’m glad you are all responding with emotion! Here is a link to my N4G.com submission for you to read the comments there as well:


  6. Hey, Im an online friend of lifelike and i just want to say a couple things about this post. Just so all you people out there are pissed off hearing that activision made this game don’t worry it’s NOT ACTIVISION! Infinity ward is making this game so all you cod4 fans don’t have to worry.

  7. Yes, PLEASE do not think that this article is in anyway a slight against Infinity Ward. Activision is the publisher of the game, so to all of you COD4 fans: buy the standard version of MW2 if you can stand it. Don’t be fooled, though- Activision is testing your spending limits as well. If you buy the cheapie goggles, they will make sure you pay as much as they think you should.

    @BobbyKotickSucks Preowned is great, but new copies need to be bought in order to get those copies. Gamers need to get this correct from the start an then preowned sales can only add to that.

  8. yes, listen to lifelike he is a genius when it comes down to this stuff They are cheap bastards just look at all the map packs that activision set out for cod5. They could have easily made them cheaper for the ps3 and especially the xbox because of how crappy some of the maps were

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