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Final Fantasy XIII Summons Predictions, Part 2


In the August issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, FFXIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase stated, “With Shiva, she turns into a motorcycle. That’s a running thing with the Summons, they maybe turn into some kind of ride. If you could just use your imagination to see where that could go“. This is the first time in series history that Shiva will have been split into multiple entities. Their “vehicle” mode in which they both become intertwined will be the motorcycle, so what can we expect from other Summons in the game? The second in this sequence of articles will again examine just that.


Part 1 of this article series made the assumption that Ifrit would almost assuredly be making an appearance due to his absence in XII. Another trademark summon in the series that is all but confirmed would be Leviathan. This summon has been a part of every numbered installment since FFIII(it appeared in FFXII as an airship, The Leviathan) with the exception of FFX. “Leviathan” comes from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible meaning “twisted, coiled” but describes more a “whale” in the modern Hebrew language. So, what role will the summon play in FFXIII?


We had a hunch that Ifrit could be a personal craft with a possible Hellfire cannon in the last piece. Could Leviathan follow those same lines? A rocket-powered surfboard, perhaps? Or a Jet Ski? These are both within the realm of possibility, but players would need to be amidst water for the mentioned “vehicle” modes. We may be assessing these alternate forms in the wrong manner- maybe they are all simply modes of transportation. Might the larger summons be your transportation on the overworld map? Could Leviathan’s alternate form resemble the White SeeD watercraft from FFVIII? Transformation would not be a problem as this summon regularly forms out of water a la the Terminator 1000 series. What do you think?

Please feel free to leave comments and/or predictions of your own so we can discuss them on the show.

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