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PlayStation3 Manufacturing Costs Down By 70%


As you will hear on the forthcoming episode of the show, apparently the cost to roll out a shiny new PlayStation3 has been lessened by at least 70%. Video game enthusiasts that could and would possibly be in the market for the system could not receive better news. Here’s an excerpt from totalvideogames.com:

Sony Corp. CEO and executive VP Noboyuki Oneda said during a conference call for overseas investors that “about 70%, roughly speaking” has been shaved off of the console’s manufacturing costs. Oneda also stated that the substantial cuts are “on schedule.”

What does this mean to the consumer? Firstly, Sony may finally be in position to make a profit on each system sold. Second, this may mean the the Slim would be well on it’s way to becoming a reality. What is unclear is whether or not the Slimline edition of the console is the way in which they may be creating the increase in profits. Either way, if you’ve been holding off, your time may come sooner rather than later.

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