FFXIII Looks… Worse As It Comes Along?


Recent screens of Square-Enix’s hotly anticipated RPG, Final Fantasy XIII, have surfaced and seem to be under intense scrutiny. As with every other entry in the series, fans have dissected screenshots many times over in an attempt to discern any bit of knowledge about the game before it’s release. FFXIII is no different.

Keep in mind that the time lasped in between here is one year.  Take a close look at the screens below- what differences do you see? The most noticible to me is the texture on the ground behind the characters. The “sea” seems a bit more calm and the industrial floor texture is much, much simpler. Next, hair seems to rendered differently. Not that it looks worse, just not the same.  Finally, Lightning’s shoulder seems to be of a lower polygon count that the original. This begs the question: why?


Example number two is a close-up frame of Vanille. The environmental changes are consistant, but what strikes the eye first is hair color. Not a huge deal, right? Now look at the pigtails. Their design is a lot less intricate. The elephant in the corner of this comparison, though, is the necklace. It is horrible when set alongside the original.


Finally, we have the “Lightning and her sword” comparison. The weapon is flat, letting the texture give the illusion of depth. Also, the post-processing effect on it is nowhere near as impressive. The other element that draws attention is the Lightning’s armguard. Yikes, what a downgrade. The only positive here is the depth-of-field. It seems that the eye can see forever, and that is a great thing.


Overall, this looks like a downgrade from what we saw early on in development. What does The Gamesmen community feel about FFXIII after witnessing firsthand the changes in the game? Many gamers feel that the Xbox360 is the reason that the game is being “dumbed down”. Regardless, there are a few hints in these screens that suggest a few things that could come up for discussion on say, a podcast, perhaps? Make sure to leave comments… *wink, wink; nudge, nudge*

[images via Unofficial Final Fantasy Site]

6 comments on “FFXIII Looks… Worse As It Comes Along?

  1. i think this is your usual squaresoft target renders vs. actual gameplay.

  2. I think that the second screen shots comes from the 360 version,

  3. There must be a reason behind this, i know that Square has mentioned that the PS3 version was not going to be dumb ed down. Besides i think that the game was close to being done and when the announcement came out that there was going to be a 360 version, Square mention that the PS3 version was going to be finished first and then ported to the 360 console.
    Honestly i think that the some of those pics are probably from the 360, thats why it looks less pretty then those pics from a years ago.

  4. I’m not exactly sure what is being compared here.
    Is it the beginning half of the game vs. the end half of the game? or is it sneak peaks from the development vs. the actual game play?

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