Get Your Comments In For Episode 8!

We want your comments for discussion on Episode 8 of The Gamesmen! We will be recording tomorrow, Saturday August 8th around 5-6 PM EST. Here are some of the stories that we want you to sound off on:

Rabid Scotsman Rewind: Dead Rising, Hot Air?

FFXIII Looks… Worse As It Comes Along?

Kotick Cannot Get Enough Of YOUR Cash!

Also, comment on this post as to what Sony’s big August 18th GamesCOM announcement is!

Send us email as well! We could always use them. Also, you will see a poll to the right side of the page. Please take the time to vote on how you would like to hear The Gamesmen podcast. Hope to hear from you all!

3 comments on “Get Your Comments In For Episode 8!

  1. price drop or slim announcement. or both! september has always been the system launch month (never forget 9/9/99!) so they might announce that in sept. you can get your slim or cheaper ps3, giving you a month to save/ build anticipation.

  2. Hey guys, glad you are at it again, I really enjoy the presentations you have. How long have you been doing this as a career. The shows are always professional and educational, can’t wait to hears episode 8.
    L B

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