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The Gamesmen, Episode 9- “Zeiram Is… Live?”


Join Lyfeliek and Zeiram for roleplaying and commentary! We answer an email, play RPG, and involve the community. Topics discussed are NC Soft, Guild Wars, PS3 Slim, middleware, the all-but-dead Xbox360 Pro bundle, GRIN, and much more.

  • Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheWholeyMoley”
  • Featured Interlude Music- Intelligent Qube
  • RPG Music From FF7, Enchanted Arms, Blue Dragon, Xenosaga Ep. II, and Zelda
  • Outro Music “Over Now” by Alice In Chains
  • Bobby Kotick On Facebook

Also, don’t forget to sign the Activision Boycott Petition from our homepage!

We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming! We’d love to have comments here or to the address, plus, submit news stories with roles you’d love to see us shoved into. We really need your support to help get this thing off the ground! Contact us at TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com or simply comment below!

Direct Download | The Gamesmen On iTunes (01:30:30)

One comment on “The Gamesmen, Episode 9- “Zeiram Is… Live?”

  1. Gamesmen,
    Hey guys love the show. I appreciate all the work and time you put into making a show that I look forward to each and every week. Keep them coming. Ok now I`m done with the groveling I will get to my comment.
    One of the biggest questions gamers ask them selves before they buy a game system is witch one is best. There is always debate about who is leading and for how long. It is my opinion that the 360 has the lead chair right now. Microsoft is ahead for a few reasons- I think the biggest reason being Xbox Live. In this day and age it is impossible to live in the town you grew up in. Xbox live being the top online community, people are buying 360 so they can play the great new games with their favorite people to play with even though they are hundreds of miles away.

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