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Episode 10 Discussion: Metroid Prime Memories


The Gamesmen are celebrating the release of Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Nintendo Wii with a special show this week! Everything from the Featured Music to the background battle themes of RPG will be Metroid-themed. Who knows- leveling up may sound a bit different as well! Once you hear Episode 10 we want to hear YOUR memories and experiences playing any or all of the titles in the Prime series. The third segment of the show will be focused on one such communal experience, so get busy – jog that memory and celebrate Metroid Prime with The Gamesmen!

One comment on “Episode 10 Discussion: Metroid Prime Memories

  1. Since Corruption is the most recent game, memories from playing it are the freshest for me (until I buy the Trilogy, of course, and play them all in order). The one thing I really remember feeling from playing MP3 is “wow, these controls are amazing…but man, this first level is kinda drab.” I was amazed at how good the new controls were, but the opening level didn’t seem overly inspiring.

    Then I got to Bryyo, and had my breath taken away. And the first time I went to Skytown, I was in awe. I must’ve burned an extra 5 hours or so there, even though I had wrapped up the missions.

    I can’t wait to have my memories jogged for seeing Tallon IV, and visiting the Chozo ruins and Phendrana Drifts (all with improved bloom lighting, no less). Heck, I can’t even wait to head back to kick some Ing butt in the dark world in Echoes, as hard as it was.

    That’s the thing that really sticks out with the whole trilogy for me. Retro knows how to make memorable locations. It isn’t all about the number of polygons onscreen. It’s about the architecture and the art design. Prime really is like stepping into a virtual world, one that can only be experienced in videogames.

    Isn’t that the reason we all play?

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