GamesCOM ’09: Guild Wars 2 Teaser

Happy, happy day, boys and girls! It turns out that Guild Wars 2 is a hell of a lot further along than we previously thought! This trailer doesn’t surprise me from a technical standpoint- the artwork is simply mind-blowing. Watch the trailer and see if you don’t agree with me that GW2 WILL release on or around April 28th 2010(for the original game’s 5th anniversary). Enjoy!

3 comments on “GamesCOM ’09: Guild Wars 2 Teaser

  1. I crit my pants! I hadn’t heard anything and had figured it flopped, but OMG was I wrong. It was all I had hoped and dreamed and more. That’s the Tyria I was hoping to see! I feel like a kid again. Then again, I guess I was almost 5 years ago… no, but I felt like one then too! (lol) I may have to log back in to Tyria and work on some titles here soon. heheh.

  2. looks good, but i’m still worried about ncsofts position. just because they show some game, doesn’t mean it’ll see the light of day. but after seeing this, and with the ddo beta over, i’ve been workin on some GW1 titles and such.

  3. If the purpose of that teaser was to get me to update ol’ Guild Wars and get in on some re-invigoration, then mission accomplished. The only thing bugging me about GW2 is NOT the question of it seeing the light of day, but the pricing structure. The production value looks high(higher than we expected- which is incredible) enough to leave the “free-to-play” model back in the last installment and try subscription fees next.

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