The Gamesmen, Episode 11 Pre-Show

The Gamesmen will be recording this evening- Friday, August 28th roughly around 6:00 PM EST. Make sure to leave your comments on the posts that tickle you, especially on last week’s show. We will also be taking shout-outs and something new- “#TheGamesmenCheck” then what you are currently playing afterward, all through Twitter. Remember to use the “hash tag” before the words “TheGamesmenCheck” so we can easily track them all. We could also use emails as well, so if you’re interested in anything posted here, get to typing! We hope to hear from you.

3 comments on “The Gamesmen, Episode 11 Pre-Show

  1. Can you guys just focus a good chunk of time on Batman tonight? The characters look so good in the game, the detective aspect of the game is quite a challenge and i appreciate that, also Batman looks like Micheal Keaton but he has the voice of Kevin Conroy if I’m not mistaken. Just a lot of fun visually and gameplay-wise. If you havent played it yet, its worth at least renting! May i add that i believe you should set up a 360 game night much like Lifelike does with Ps3. So Xcalybur, you need to get on that bro! lol

  2. Gamesmen,

    Love the show last week. Lifelike and xcalybr, as always a good time hearing you. hope to hear scotsmen soon. I hear nothing but good things about batman . I can`t help but wonder why the playstation got the extra content. I want joker and scarecrow maps. i like extra maps . why gamesmen why ? Could this be payback from ghostbusters ? Keep it real.

  3. Don’t you want to see how the 360 and PS3 would do against the Wii this Christmas if the Wii doesn’t get a price cut. Does anyone really think Sony is going to hit 50mil anytime soon?

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