The Gamesmen, Episode 11- “Scotsman Returns… Again?”


Join Lyfeliek, Scotsman, and Xcalybr for roleplaying and commentary! We answer an email, play RPG, and involve the community. Topics discussed are Batman: Arkham Asylum, Xcalybr being “DEAD” to Zeiram, ESA Ratings changes, Wolfenstein, PS3 cross-game voice chat, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Backward Compatibility, GRIN, and much more.

  • Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley”
  • Featured Interlude Music- Bionic Commando(2009)
  • RPG Music From Enchanted Arms, FF9, and FFX
  • Outro Music “Over Now” by Alice In Chains
  • System Requirements Lab

We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming! We’d love to have comments here or to the address, plus, submit news stories with roles you’d love to see us shoved into. We really need your support to help get this thing off the ground! Contact us at TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com or simply comment below!

Direct Download | The Gamesmen On iTunes (01:14:34)

3 comments on “The Gamesmen, Episode 11- “Scotsman Returns… Again?”

  1. Really good show gamesmen . I do enjoy when you get more gamesmen on at the same time . Big props to Xcalibr , Scotman and Lifelike . I like what Xcalibr said (Band of brothers) We are the gamesmens Band of Brothers in Beards . Keep ballen or should I say snowballen . Hear you all next week .

  2. Perhaps Band of Bearded Brothers.=**=

  3. Fantastic show , loving it as always , i agree with beardsandbeer on having more gamesmen involved at the same time.
    The only way you shattered my score on Shatter is because i only played one level, but ill beat yours by the next cast Xcalibr.
    love what y’all doing keep on the good work

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