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Details For The Gamesmen, Episode 15 LIVE 10/10/2009

Are you ready to experience The Gamesmen… LIVE? We have quite a show planned for you and it is set for Saturday, October 10th at 7:00 PM EST. Here’s what you can expect: An opening segment with The Gamesmen in person and via Skype We play RPG that will feature Xcalybr turning the tables and […]

Crystal Bearers Looking GOOD At TGS

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bears could possibly be shaping up to be an epic third-party experience on Nintendo’s Wii. As you will see in the video posted above, very high production value and clean visuals are prevalent in the title. While not being sure of most mechanics contained within, Crystal Bearers […]

TQRaw, Episode 3

TQRaw Episode 3 “The Smoke Out” (Video Length 44:00) Show Notes: Novelas will keep Cable TV around for a while Asian porn brings back 4play. Dr.Dre and HP Team up to chin check the Macbook family. Twitter Spam might be the reason why Twitter is making money. Netflix is the future, while Blockbuster keeps haunting […]

The Gamesmen, Episode 14- “Ode To Dead Space!”

Join Lyfeliek as he returns from a well-deserved break and fills in solo. The beginnings of information on the live show are shared as well as community items. Topics discussed are the Dead Space as a franchise, the upcoming live show, #TheGamesmenCheck submissions and someone having their novel published. Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley” […]

TCM Featured Podcasts Week Ending 9/25/2009

As a good, integral part of any gaming network should, The Gamesmen are here to begin cross-promotion of other shows in the family. We begin with shows from The Couch Mercenaries for this week. The Couch Mercenaries, Ep 80– The Couch Merceanries are teaming up with some of the community members to bring you another […]

PS2, Dreamcast Titles Coming to PSN?

According to a Sega document, PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast titles are coming to the PlayStation 3. “Marked as confidential, the Sega document–which contains notes derived from a meeting with SCEA on August 5th–clearly states that Sony wants to sell ALL PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Network including Grand Theft Auto Vice City, older Sonic […]

AMD Confirms Six-core CPUs

From Tom’s Hardware: IDF kicks off today and while Intel is was busy getting ready for the party, AMD has stepped in and snatched just a smidgen of the limelight by announcing that it is readying a hexa-core processor aimed at consumer desktops. The chip, codenamed Thubon, is set for release sometime next year and […]