The Gamesmen, Episode 12 Pre-show

The Gamesmen will be recording this Saturday, August 28th afternoon. Make sure to leave your comments on the posts that tickle you, especially on last week’s show. We will also be taking shout-outs and “#TheGamesmenCheck” then what you are currently playing afterward, all through Twitter. Remember to use the “hash tag” before the words “TheGamesmenCheck” so we can easily track them all. We could also use emails as well, so if you’re interested in anything posted here, get to typing! We hope to hear from you.

About Rabid Scotsman

A Gamer, a Husband, and a God-Fearing man.

2 comments on “The Gamesmen, Episode 12 Pre-show

  1. I’d like to hear your thoughts on ONLive going into open beta. I still have a difficult time believing that the technology ACTUALLY works. I mean, how could there not be input lag from the controller device? The whole thing still seems shady to me…


    Also, let me coin the term “PS3.5” as Sony do not want us calling it the “Slim”. I will be referring to the new model as that from now on. While on the terminology tip, every time I screw something up in real life from now on I will say, “well, I’ll just shoot up to a gargoyle real quick and try that again…

  2. Just want to say real quick; new listener here, although I’ve only gone through around half the catalog so far, expect me to tune in regularly.

    I think the ONLive will be a great way for people who don’t have the good hardware to play online games, it just seems like they might be shooting for the stars with the idea, even if the games streamed aren’t that impressive or new.

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