Happy 10th Birthday, Dreamcast!


James Dean, Kurt Cobain, Sega Dreamcast. All of them looked to have promising futures; all of them died in their prime.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, a system near and dear to many a heart. Fans revere the system for its wealth of incredible games over its short lifespan, and its pioneering of online gaming for consoles. It was a marvel of forethought anchored by classic game design. The Dreamcast is now a monument to a bygone era in gaming. It was the last system with games made by the classic Sega teams, one of the last consoles to launch at the $200 price point, one of the last consoles designed to only play games, and the last to actually look like a gaming console, not some HTPC or some random electronic device (or a cube.)

While today is a busy day for product launches, Take a little time out to pay some respect to the Dreamcast by posting some of your memories of the system in the comment section.

~Always Remember 9/9/99~

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3 comments on “Happy 10th Birthday, Dreamcast!

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  2. I have to wish a happy belated birthday to the Dreamcast, since I forgot. It was a few days ago, a few years ago that I bought my Dreamcast, only to have my dreams smashed. The few cult hits on the game kept me playing, in fact I think today is a good day to take it out of the shoebox for some Grandia II.

  3. I got into the Dreamcast a bit late, but I remember buying my console and Resident Evil: Code Veronica at the same time. Damn you, Capcom- Resident Evil has a hold on me. Anyway, I should have thanked them as I had a blast with the lil’ box from the future. So far ahead of it’s time and now so far in the past. Happy 10, old friend.

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