Game With The Gamesmen In DDO!


DDO has gone live 2 days ago, and now that you’ve had time to download the client and create an account, its time to game! Here’s our info to get gaming with us!

  • We are playing on the CANNITH server. We picked this server as its a new server the just put up at launch. This means there aren’t going to be lvl 20’s running around and inflated prices on items. Also it means more lowbies to play with!
  • Miriam Dark (main) and Elocyn Riot (alt) are Zeiram Wing’s two characters on this server. Zeiram Wing has been playing the game since beta, so he has knowledge and tips for new players. Add these characters to your friends list (in the Social Panel.)
  • Lyfeliek Heroblade is also on the CANNITH server. He has done one wimpy quest, so he barely knows more than you do. Add him as well. As far as a guild goes, we are going to take a head count and then set something up.

It would also be helpful if you post your names in the comments section. We hope to game with you soon!

About Zeiram Wing

Just your average neurotic bag of problems.

4 comments on “Game With The Gamesmen In DDO!

  1. Playing as “Dardanos Aelfwine”

  2. 2 toons created in Cannith… add me to your list of friends
    Erowyn Dragonbow- elf ranger
    Kirli Dragonaxe- dwarf barbarian

  3. Find me on Canith as Kiltron Axebane

  4. Also Adroushan Tison on Cannith server

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