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PS2, Dreamcast Titles Coming to PSN?


According to a Sega document, PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast titles are coming to the PlayStation 3.

“Marked as confidential, the Sega document–which contains notes derived from a meeting with SCEA on August 5th–clearly states that Sony wants to sell ALL PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation Network including Grand Theft Auto Vice City, older Sonic titles and more. There’s also mention that Sega plans to advertise on television in the same manner as EA Madden and NCAA spots by incorporating the PlayStation 3 controller (for co-marketing money).”

“In addition to the PlayStation 2 emulator, the Sega document also reveals that Dreamcast games are on the way to the PlayStation Network as well. “If we provide a list of DC titles, SCEA will let us know which ones they’re interested in having exclusively,” Sega reports. “If we give them a long period of exclusivity, they’ll give us more marketing support.” This may also mean that Dreamcast games could also make their way onto Xbox Live, with Microsoft snagging a few “exclusive” titles of its own.”

“The Sega document also reveals that Sony plans to launch the motion controller March 2010 in Japan, followed by a Spring release here in 2010; the bundle and pricing details were estimated to appear on September 1. SCEA will provide Sega with a list of IPs that the company expect to work well with the new technology including Virtua Tennis and London Olympics.”

[Via Tom’s Hardware]

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