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Dead Space Extraction Is The Real Thing


This post is COMPLETELY personal conjecture, but I feel the urgency to relay my findings of Extraction to all of you. First off, make no mistake about it- this IS Dead Space. From the textures to the sound effects to the presentation, this game has it all. It may not be presented in the fashion you may be accustomed to, but it achieves it’s goal nonetheless. Visceral have discovered a brilliant and compelling way to meld first-person on-rails gameplay and realtime cutscenes perfectly. The title also has all of the staples of that you have come to know from the franchise- twisting the Wii remote on it’s side engages the secondary fire function. Stasis, Kinesis, and weapon upgrading return as well, although not in the same manner. A slider exists whose sole purpose is to increase or reduce the shaking of the camera during gameplay. Visceral have went to such lengths to play audio log found throughout the game through the remote’s speaker! Do not bother renting this game if you still own a Wii as it is a definite purchase.

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