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Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

From dragonage.bioware.com:

The Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator allows players to create and customize a player character on the PC which they can save and use when the PC game launches November 3rd.

The Character Creator will allow you to:

  • Create your Dragon Age: Origins Character before the game comes out
  • The Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator provides the tools to create a character with a nearly endless amount of options.
  • The Character you create can then be used as your avatar in the BioWare Community Forums

This is definitely something you should all check out if you’re at all interested in DAO. There seems there is going to be a great amount of customization available if the Creator is representative of the final game.

[Download Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator]

One comment on “Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

  1. this killed the game for me. i’m crazy for customization so i was all excited when i saw this post. i downloaded the client and stated messin round, till i saw the “Rogue” class option and was like, “sweet! time to create my beautiful assassin, miriam dark!” so i start making a female elf rogue. started making her, and noticed that all the parts they give and the customization is more geared for making a more “realistic” midieval character, and i really came to relize this when choosing the voice, and noticed that my supposed-to-be-hot character had nasty ass brown teeth. then relizing that i could only change the face, not the body. so i couldn’t make my sexy ASSassin. and that killed off the last bit interest i had in the game. WHY? it wouldn’t be a problem if they stuck with the more “realistic” midieval look throughout. but what do you see in every damn trailer for the game, and at the launch screen? thats right, flawless, hot ass babes kicking ass wearing almost nothing with huge racks and side boob poppin out everywhere. thats what my miriam is sposed to be. a sexy killer that uses her looks as a weapon. but can the player make one of these vixens? no. were stuck with using facial parts that you can’t get the same look, and can’t even change the body, so instead of being able to make the character i wanted, i’m stuck with this chunky hunchback wench with saggy ass orangutan titties… shallow? yeah, i am. but nobody should come out with a JUST a character creator when you can’t really create what you want with it. thats stupid. when companies come out with just the character creator, its usually because the creator is so good, you could make a game out of it, like spore. this is just a lame ass creator we’ve used time and time again. they got my hopes up and quickly shot them down…

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