The Changing Face Of Gaming Media

By jsslifelike | Oct. 19th, 2009


As technology has progressed, the manner in which humans communicate has evolved alongside. Cave paintings, the Pony Express, the Telegraph, color television, bag-sized cellular telephones, and the Personal Computer have altered people’s way of life in ways never before imagined. Can the PlayStation3 be included in this elite company?

The path that video game players have trodden to obtain industry news is a well-worn, storied road as well. Print media was at it’s peak in the early 1990’s as a result of the previous decade of low-bandwidth data transfer rates. As internet connections became snappier, several publications began to branch out into dual-publishing to print as well as the World Wide Web. Magazines are, for all intents and purposes, all but extinct due to the massive home computer install base and the advent of Fibre Optic cabling. Using this information as a jumping-off point, how could a current-generation console be considered a news media delivery device?

It is no secret that podcasting(recorded audio files similar to radio shows) is at an all-time high. Whether it be industry journalists or independent enthusiast press, gamers are always looking for new and enthralling sources for stories and opinions. There are shows that do tremendous work in broadcasting live from streaming sites using microphones plus cameras each and every week, most of which receive little to no monetary compensation. They begin to broadcast a the same time each week and have captured a loyal fanbase, thus establishing themselves as a “constant” of sorts.

These facts have always rung true to me as a gaming enthusiast, but a few thoughts entered my head as it hit the arm of couch while beginning to watch a live-streamed video podcast on my PlayStation3. Has this console become a virtual meeting place for independent content providers and consumers? Will we begin to schedule out watching shows on said platform as we would make points to watch televison at a certain time? Then, if you must miss the episode, an audio version can most times be had for listening at a later date. The sources in which my gaming news and commentary come from are constantly changing, but will larger providers follow suit? Imagine a live-streamed debut of the newest trailer for your most anticipated game or live camera feeds placed at midnight release parties. The video chat at this point is limited to five viewers and one host, but as transfer speeds increase, viewership can as well.

Gaming consoles already impact many of our day-to-day lives, but not as often in this manner. We, as the software entertainment community, are on the cusp of something special and are also connected as never before. Communication is, at this point, almost effortless. Almost any person or information can be at our fingertips within seconds. Man has most certainly come a long way from cave paintings.

2 comments on “The Changing Face Of Gaming Media

  1. One thing that has been lost with the evolution of comunication is the permanency of the media. Some of those cave paintings have been arround for 2000 years but we all know how easy it is for a file to become corrupted or accidentally deleted. What do you think we will have left for people to see in 2000 years? I’m pretty sure my xbox won’t be working by then!

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