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No New Epsiode Of The Gamesmen For 10/26/09, So Check Out These Shows


Due to Lyfeliek and Xcalybr attending the Steelers/Vikings game with listener Easton-Arrow(among other things), we will be in no way shape nor form to record or edit a show this week. So, in our absence, why don’t you check out a few of these other podcasts?

TQCast, Episode 83: Uncharted 2 freezing issues, and why it doesn’t matter with the perfect Michela. Killzone 5, yet JUiCE is still working on KZ2. Modern Warfare 2 PC lack of servers…… really only 110,000 PC gamers? Bayonetta Highest Rated game ever!! **BMI Alert** Brutal Legend Impressions and the N64 Kiosk Blue-Print. All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO! LISTEN

TQRaw, Episode 6: Wifi Direct is the future…the future.. Wii gets a real MP5 sub-machine gun for controller. New PS3 bundle to sweep the holiday season, plus Filty puts the ungamed on game with “Install Mac OSX on a external HDD” on this week’s TQ Tech Tip of the week. Plus much much more in just 40 minutes… WATCH

Couch Mercenaries E85: Ok, so there’s this A list podcast and they got together together today and played a crap load of games and then recorded a sweet podcast of eloquent melodies and such sweet sounds that it would deafen the senses of the weaker C list podcasters. Listen to the voices of true gaming miracles and epiphanies with this the TCM Couch Mercenaries Podcast Episode 85. LISTEN

Overseas Connection E34: The Overseas Connection Podcast is back in rare form. With the full cast on hand (Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, FandA Eternal and BigBadDaddy) we discuss this weeks breaking news, question of the week, new releases, games we are playing, listener mail and our favorite segment The Rant with our distinct views and back of the bus brand of humor. LISTEN

The o35’s, Episode 71: Well we’ve reached 71 and to celebrate reaching this milestone of maturity, we discuss Uncharted 2, is there any other games out at the moment? The Duke has actually finished not only one but two games this week, and Chinny has just been staring at the wrapper on Uncharted 2, no idea why. Quanrian gives us another indie pick which Chinny doesn’t like and the quiz is back for another week, The Duke Vs The Daddy. Don’t forget to send us some emails to-thedaddy.o35s@googlemail.com LISTEN

Thumb Sticks, Episode 19: The Thumbsticks podcast returns with discussions on Fifa 10 for Xbox and PSP, Dead Space Extraction and Lost Winds 2 for Wii. PLus we also discuss the potential for the PSPgo and wonder why on earth Band Hero exists. LISTEN

The Gamesmen will return next week with a full-fledged episode next week!

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