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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Games, but Were Afraid to Ask!

Philip Ludington, owner of Mr. Phil Games, has announced the upcoming opening of his gaming Q&A site, GameLegend.com. Based on Stack Exchange technology, the site is billed as a community for the open exchange of gaming wisdom. Ludington says the site, which is currently in public beta, will be ready to open its doors officially shortly after the holidays. In the meantime, he’s putting out an open call for users to assist in the testing and to start building a community.

There are plenty of gaming communities on the web already,” acknowledges Ludington, “but the problem with them is that there tends to be little organization or moderation, and not much signal for the amount of noise you find there.

GameLegend.com seeks to remedy the situation by basing the site on Stack Exchange, a technology which has proven its worth on numerous other Q&A sites, most notably stackoverflow.com, a site for programmers.


Stack Exchange is designed to create communities dedicated to asking and answering simple, concrete questions about a specific subject. In the case of GameLegend.com, the subject is digital gaming in all its forms, with topics ranging from tips and strategies, to technical support, to details on upcoming products.

Through the Stack Exchange technology, GameLegend.com is able to combine the best features of a wiki, a blog, a forum, and a Digg- or Reddit-style reputation system. Users gain reputation by being useful members of the community, whether by asking intelligent questions or providing informative answers. As a user’s reputation increases, he or she gains more power within the community, first being allowed to downvote unhelpful posts, with greater responsibilities coming later, such as the ability to edit others’ answers, Wiki-style, or remove unpopular questions or answers.

You can visit GameLegend at GameLegend.com.

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