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The Gamesmen, Episode 18- Modern Warfare 2 Midnight Launch


Join Lyfeliek and Xcalybr for game talk and more from the midnight launch of Modern Warfare 2 in Washington, Pennsylvania! The second segment was lost to the podcast production ether, but The Gamesmen have still salvaged a great show for you! Topics discussed are EA layoffs, Dragon Age, interviews from people called to play MW2 early, the Activision Minute, your Twitter #TheGamesmenCheck submissions, and more!

  • Intro Music Composed By gamertag “TheHoleyMoley”
  • Featured Interlude Music- God of War
  • Outro Music “Over Now” by Alice In Chains

If you want to lay claim to the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time codes, PS3 NHL 10 codes, or the Uncharted 2 code, post below- first come, first served!

We appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming! Contact us at TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com or simply comment below!

Direct Download | The Gamesmen On iTunes (01:42:43)

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