Is Modern Warfare 2 Causing RROD? A Possible COD-spiracy?

By jsslifelike | Nov. 24th, 2009

Reports have been rolling across the Gamesmen Media Desk, as of the last four days, from our small community and their friends lists. Reports about what, you say? The dreaded Red Ring of Death, of course. If the numbers multiply on a percentage basis, it would seem that Xbox360’s could very well be dropping like flies. Again. What game was spooling and spinning as these unfortunate circumstances occurred? Modern Warfare 2.

It doesn’t appear to be every model Xbox360- at least not the newer SKU’s. According to the gamers we spoke to, it has been those systems that are two(2) years or older(Pro Bundle and below). The newer Elite units with optimized cooling are seemingly unaffected.

So, one must ask, is the newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise too taxing for undercooled Xbox360’s? Modern Warfare 2 is indeed visually stunning. Could Infinity Ward have pushed the graphical envelope of Microsoft’s original platform specs? The two may very well NOT be linked, but questions are beginning to stack. It is completely possible that systems are dying at the same rate as prior, but it is happening shortly after the best-selling video game in history was released to the public. Then again, these people could have Prestiged four or five times in two weeks as well.

So the question goes out to you, mass gaming public: Is this an isolated incident or could there be truth to these limited findings?

48 comments on “Is Modern Warfare 2 Causing RROD? A Possible COD-spiracy?

  1. new games always get blamed for killing consoles, without proof this is hardly a reliable article

    • You are correct, sir! It is tagged under “Editorials” AND “Articles”. The point here is not to give reliable proof, but to FIND if there are any further links to otherwise support/disprove it.

    • Sounds like a goose hunt. When a game as popular as MW2, RROD is bound to happen to some owners. Furthermore, people probably play this game more than others, so yes MW2 owners are more likely to get RROD due to usage as well.

      There are many games as taxing as MW2 so this doesn’t necessarily mean anything!

  2. My Xbox 360 elite has worked great for 2 years then two weeks after playing Modern Warfare 2 it red ringed and so did a friend of mines the same night.

  3. If the game is bricking consoles then that is a problem with Microsoft’s hardware design and not the video game itself.

  4. Probably due to not long sessions without installing game.

  5. Well i got the two lights for overheating not the 3LOD.

    my xbox heated up when i played the single player campaign. Multi was fine, but the campaign did my xbox in. i installed it to the HDD and everything.

  6. this is so true! my xbox pro started having problems around the same time Cod 6 came out, its never had problems before

  7. wow!!!!

    So NOT TRUE….haha


  9. or a desperate shot for hits.
    i think its the latter.
    why is it this happens every single time a big hitter game comes out?
    first it was KZ2 than it was halo 3 ODST than it was uncharted 2 and now its MW2.
    just coincidence the biggest hitters of this year, get articles saying the games causing problems.
    i have not occurred any of these problems, so it seems a little suspicious to me.
    somethings stinky here, and its not the Frenchman in the corner with his cheese.

  10. Yeah, the superior version does come with a little problem, but mostly for machines that are running out of warranty. Better buy that Live thing on a monthly basis from now on kids=)

    • Superior version??? LOL – this article is about the 360 version of the game, not the PS3 version. Last time i checked…..the superior version was the one that DIDN’T bugger up the console you want to play it on.

      You could at least read the article before replying.

  11. I didn’t put two and two together but I got an Elite for X-Mas last year (right before jaspers came out) and I have been fine with it. Last week I was playing MW2 at around 11pm waiting to go to a midnight release opening for Assassin’s Creed and L4D2. The system worked fine that night but when I turned it on the next morning, it was bricked. No idea how it could have done this but…

    A) I was playing MW2 mostly up until that point
    B) MW2 was the last game I played

    Looks fishy..now I’m without a console for 2-3 weeks.

    • hi you mention “before jaspers came out” obviously my names jasper and got my xbox last xmas wich fkd up in a couple of weeks i published an article on various websites about the sloppy treatment i got when trying to return it am i the jasper you are refering to or is it a coincidence.

  12. Huh… how about that “conspiracy theory”: when a game like modern MW2 comes out and sells like it does, a number of consoles that were not used on a regular basis become very active all of a sudden, making it all the more likely that they break… it’s just a statistical law… Add to it that the 360 is not exactly the most reliable product on the market and you have every chance of an outbreak of dead consoles… And since so many people are playing MW2, it’s just normal that those consoles break while playing MW2… Blaming the game is just misinformed assumptions…

  13. I got the rrod yesterday. 2 years and 2 months without a problem with my pro system. I played cod4 a bit and no problems . I played mw2 a bit and death. Could it be mearly coincidence … I don`t know . All I know are the facts. 2yrs and 2mths with no problems. While in the time frame of playing mw2 I got the 3rrod.

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  15. this is why i’m getting a playstation 3, i won’t have to worry about any rrod. pretty soon games like mw2 will destroy the xbox 360, and i bet that microsoft is quietly working on the xbox 720, and probably coming out in 2012.

  16. WOW!
    I have a xbox premiun(2 years old) and after I played MW2 the rrod appeared here!!
    Can’t be a coincidence!! We have to do something to Activision repay us >.<

  17. Well I don’t blame InfinityWard. I blame the gamers. Why you ask? Some of them abuse their console. You have to take a break playing it. I know it’s an awesome games but the 360 is not a reliable console so you have to give it a break. Understand?

  18. Well, im lucky i have a ps3.

    i agree with Dirk, it isn’t the game,

    Maybe MW2

  19. My elite just rrod on me two days ago. It was 2 yrs fine without a prob and after an 1 1/2 hr COD session… Blam!!! RROD!!! I just thank my lucky stars it was still under warranty. Now let’s see how quick I get it back!!!

  20. Holly ****! My friend 360 has a lot of freezing during COD multiplayer, no RRoD for now but his model is still Falcon (3rd console LOL).
    I wos thinking to get 360 alot in the past, but those issues with the console will never end…

  21. i doubt it’s the games doing it it just the quality of the xbox, not being manufactured well.

  22. YOU GUYS ARE NUBS! Obviously there will be more RROD. Since COD 4, there really hasn’t been any game to spend countless hours with. Now people are pulling all nighters with their 360s and PS3s, obviously there will be a lot more RROD. Is COD to blame? Yes because it’s so addicting. Can we blame it because it purposely overheats consoles? No, because it doesn’t.

  23. it just happened to my xbox elite! i had it about 1 1/2 years. theres something to this!

  24. haha..xbox cant even handle COD mod 2..i wonder what other games are going to fuck up xbox..

  25. I think this is simply a case of wear and tear. Who knows, may some games push the graphics hardware a little too hard and, thus, a little to hot, but I think, for the most part, we’re seeing people who didn’t play their XBox 360 all that often (or games the pushed the graphics hardware anyway) are now playing MW2 for hours on end.

    I don’t MW2 is to blame for the RRoDs, but, it does beg certainly beg the question, what is causing such wear and tear on the console? Overheating? If games are pushing the limits of the hardware (while not pushing it beyond its limits), why is the console not correctly cooled?

  26. I dont know about the 360’s but with my ps3 it has never frozen before and has at least eight times. And me and a friend we in a party and his froze and gave him the ylod *ps3 equivalent of rrod* now both ps3’s were fine prior to this game and now they are freezing. the ylod was fixed after a long process.

  27. […] Is Modern Warfare 2 Causing RROD? A Possible COD-spiracy? Reports have been rolling across the Gamesmen Media Desk, as of the last four days, from our small community and their […] […]

  28. yes my poor elite has been affected too, why did these have 2 happen during the thanksgiving break! something must be done to fix this problem!

  29. wait, so yall got 3 lights then? am i the only one who got the two lights?

  30. I don’t know why, but certain updates do have a documented tendency to Brick consoles, both the PS3 and the Xbox, Halo ODST did brick consoles and was completely unplayable on others, but at the same time it really could just be that this game is putting a lot of strain on the Xbox. We’ll have to wait and see just how many Xbox’s die before we can be sure what the real cause was.

    And just FYI, my old console was one of those that had their graphics card fail almost immediately after an update, so just be thankful it’s bricking the consoles because that’s covered under the warranty!

  31. […] believe that the Xbox 360’s “Red Ring of Death” is a thing of the past, but according to a post on thegamesmen.com, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is giving Xbox 360’s […]

  32. Of course Modern Warfare 2 is killing 360’s.

    People will have been playing it for extended amounts of time, day after day. On an older 360 this will cause it to heat up for a considerably longer time than it normally would and trigger RROD.

    It would of happened eventually anyway, but the components are getting far hotter for far longer than they would if the user was casually dipping into a game that hardly pushed the system, rather than sessioning it for hours and hours on end on a game that is using every bit of processing power available.

    Try using your brains a little bit…

  33. really wanted to get this game. i got the cheapy arcade xbox and bought a second hand 20gig harddrive. after returning the first one i got a couple of weeks before hand. so far no probs with system. but am now too scared to buy a game i really wanted. wich is a shame as it is all prob just coincidence anyway.

  34. I only had the game for 2 weeks.. played maybe 10 hours in total… not even close to the amount of time i played COD 4, modern warefare and I got the RRoD. My xbox is around 3 years old, and never had a problem before COD MW2

  35. Was playing MW2 then my almost 3 year old xbox died, RROD.
    Had over 2 days of MW2 played and then garbled graphics.
    Turned it off, waited, turned back on and then there it was the feared RROD.

    Hope MS fixes it good so that it doesn’t die after it has been repaired.

  36. My xbox 360 – made 2006 RROD in 2007 was repaired by MS – new heatsinks! (one heatsink screw was missing!)
    Bought COD MW2 when it came out and ‘yes’ within 2 weeks my xbox had RROD!
    Out of warranty – repaired myself! 🙂 All good now!

  37. Managed to complete the single player and had 2 games online. Then Bam my 3 year old elite RROD’s.

    Use the 360 usually for streaming video and playing Bad Company. It sits out in the open in a well ventilated area, never had an issue with it until MW2…

  38. мне понравилось очень, спесибо))

  39. CODMW2 was the game I was playing when my refurbished xbox 360 elite got a E74 error. I believe there might be a correlation between the two. Now Im SOL.


  41. Sorry for the skeptics, but I think MW2 has something to do with my bout of RROD. I have an older system (over 3 years old) and it suddenly died got the RROD (3 lights) with MW2. It is the first time I have ever received the RROD (in over 3 years).

    I was fair at first, and assumed it was just the system was old and the processor was overheating. I followed the online guides to take the system apart (since my warranty had already expired) and clean up the CPU/GPU and reapply thermal paste. The system finally ran again after my doing this.

    Once the system ran and seemed stable, I then played other games for awhile with no problem, but as soon as I popped in MW2 and played it a bit, I then had freezing. Seems a bit odd to me, but I’ll continue testing.

  42. i got the RROD (3 lights) yesterday. i dont know if COD MW2 is to blame. my xbox 360 pro is 18mths old. its kept out in the open, in a well ventilated area.
    ive played MW2 about as much as ive played every other game ive owned. (which isnt that much, as i have little kids, so i only play a few times a week, if im lucky, and never for long periods)
    i never had a problem. then after playing MW2, my 360 started freezing and gltching. it was turned off, unplugged, and didnt get touched for days. then when i went to turn it on, RROD.
    as i said i dont know if MW2 is the reason or if its coincidence.
    either way im not happy and something needs to be done about consoles getting RROD. out of every person i know who has a xbox 360, only a small handful have been lucky enough not to get RROD.

  43. So my first xbox 360 from release date lasted about a year when i got first RROD. It was replaced from microsoft, and has worked great since. I played FFXI almost DAILY for 8 hours a session. Sometimes leaving it on for 24hours selling from my bazar. Because the pro didnt have HDMI, i bought an elite from a friend who got it on release as well. I gave my dad my old 360 and used the elite for MW2. The elite only lasted a month of playing MW2 and tonight it RROD! I dont think that microsoft was trying to kill the old consoles. But im sure MW2 needed so much processing power that it kills the older consoles. i played MW2 less than FFXI and is in the same well ventelated area. Im lucky it had a few months left for warrenty of RROD.

  44. i think this might be possible ive had no problems recently up until i downloaded the update before the stimulus package then i got the RROD my friend laughed and took the P**S then he downloaded the stimulus package and the same happened to him there seems to be alot of people having the same problem surely that many xbox cant break at the same time with out a reason!!!

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