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How About Some Shows To Be Thankful For?

Rabid Scotsman, Zeiram Wing, AcidBee, Xcalybr, Hardlydan, and myself have a great bit to be thankful for this year. Among our blessings are you, the listener. So, here’s our chance to show our gratitude and give something back. Here are the dishes being served on The Gamesmen’s table this Thanksgiving:

TQcast, Episode 88- Assassin’s Creed 2,Peggle on the PS3, Modern Warfare 2, Sony to charge for the PSN, and Black Friday mO DeAl$ to save you some cash this holiday season. All that, plus your TQshots, video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO! LISTEN

TQraw, Episode 10.5- Filty surprises Desz with a special guest, Brazil Gets a new old school Gaming console, Google Chrome OS, Smoking not allowed around your iMac, plus much more.. WATCH

BMI XI- The Modern-Day John Dillingers; Simon D. I. and Pat Preezy bring you the finest in Hood Food and Drinks on BMI XI with a couple 40s of Ol’ English, Steel Reserve and Magnum. Also, Chicken, Cheese Puffs and Lemonheads are on deck as well. The fellas cover November’s Hottest downloads including the Hangover, the Orphan, Bruno, New Super Mario Bros, Windows 7 and Modern Warfare 2. LISTEN

The Couch Mercenaries, E89- After a good steak and a few Smirnoff, we chat about the big games this week and not surprisingly a ton of other non related issues like the poor quality of the KFC fillet meal. Give us a listen if you dare and as always save your applause for the end of the show. LISTEN

Overseas Connection E39- The Overseas Connection brings you their nominees for Game of the Year and other categories. Join Murphys Law, Big Bad Daddy and Chin Chinny as we discuss this weeks breaking news, what we have been playing, community emails and the new releases with our special brand of humor from the states and across the pond. LISTEN

Thumbsticks, Episode 22- This week Adrockski and RDD talk about the new social and entertainment updates to hit the 360 (blissfully unaware of the PS3’s swift response), plus we draw a line under Dragon Age and take to the roads with Forza 3. More fun than you can shake your granny at, it’s your Thumbsticks. LISTEN

Evolved Gaming, Episode 68- This week Cory, Drew, and Jay, along with guest Omri, bring you what they have been playing and the news including Twilight Scene It coming to Wii, Scene It coming to PS3, Blizzard says Diablo 3 not coming in 2010, Phoenix Wright coming to WiiWare in January, Lost Planet 2 preorder comes with Wesker as playable character, and much more! LISTEN

RageQuit Vidcast, Episode 21- That’s right! The show is now legal to consume alcohol so much that it goes into a coma and slowly drowns in it’s own vomit, but that’s for a different time. Here it is episode 21. We talk about New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Crimson Skies, Assassin’s Creed 2, and many others. We also name off our top 5/4/10 games of the year…you don’t get it? You will. Just watch. WATCH

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