Uncharted 2 “Family Night” 12/5/09 7PM EST

Naughty Dog has given the players a new multiplayer map, so come fire up your PlayStation3 for a night of Uncharted 2 multiplayer with TQcast, BMI, The Gamesmen, Evolved Gaming, and the Couch Mercenaries! If you have the game just sitting on your shelf but haven’t played it in a while, now is the time. Here are the PSN IDs to add if you would like to join us:

jsslifelike(The Gamesmen)
INFECTED503(Evolved Gaming)

“Family Night” will begin at 7PM EST. We hope to see you!

3 comments on “Uncharted 2 “Family Night” 12/5/09 7PM EST

  1. sounds fun! can’t wait. and oh my someone i see is getting close to my trophy level. good thing i got ps3 back and 3 games to rack up some trophies in!

  2. That was a fun as hell 3 hours I got to enjoy with the Gamesmen family, Steve. Good times!

    …even though Mik and his chocobo buddies whooped us towards the end, it was great getting back into that game after a month or so!

  3. Yeah, fun times! I’m glad the both of you could join up. I really forgot how much fun Uncharted 2’s MP mode was(and is) and how much fun I’ve been missing out on. We definitely need to do it more than just every once in a while.

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