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Guild Wars 2: Races Of Tyria

From Press Release:

In the upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2, choosing which of the five distinctive races to play is just the first step down the road to your ultimate destiny. Starting with this crucial decision, your character’s epic tale begins. With their new preview video, NCsoft and ArenaNet pull back the curtain to reveal more details of the five diverse player races in Guild Wars 2. Which will you choose?

Take the role of a noble human defender and fight for the survival of your people. Play a ferocious feline charr, carving a trail of conquest. Become one of the brilliant asura to study hidden knowledge and harness incredible magical technology. Assume the form of a shapeshifting norn, the massive battle-forged warriors from the far north. Explore the mysteries of Tyria as one of the sylvari, a mystical new race of plant spirits. From these five races, mighty heroes shall rise!

[Via NCsoft]

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