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Uncharted 2 “Family Night” Returns 12/26/09 7PM EST

Didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas? Well, we have a grenade with YOUR name on it! With it being a “Double Cash for Kills and Medals” weekend, you NEED to fire up your PlayStation3 for a night of Uncharted 2 multiplayer with TQcast, BMI, The Gamesmen, Evolved Gaming, and the Couch Mercenaries! If you have the game just sitting on your shelf but haven’t played it in a while, now is the time. Here are the PSN IDs to add if you would like to join us:

jsslifelike(The Gamesmen)
INFECTED503(Evolved Gaming)

One comment on “Uncharted 2 “Family Night” Returns 12/26/09 7PM EST

  1. Denoch was the workhorse once again! We explored a bunch of the game modes that usually go unnoticed, and… they were fun! I’m excited to get a full complement sometime to try the rest out! Thanks to all who came out!

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