Input On Future “Family Nights”?

As most of you know by listening to the show, we have been playing a literal ass-ton of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer mode as of late. So, that begs the question: what would you all like to see as game nights in 2010? I recently purchased my first Xbox360 game- Burnout Paradise, so get ready for that in the coming weeks. I’d love to see comments on this post regarding where our communal gaming should go!

9 comments on “Input On Future “Family Nights”?

  1. yeah, after listening to the show i’m now going to keep pestering you to make a PC game night. there was talk of some people wanting to play a bit of guild wars. i’d be all up for that.

  2. I’m up for some guild wars as well……..time to dust it off lyfe.

  3. I’m down for some Burnout anytime you want buddy.

  4. Why not a madden night. I am not that good but would love for you to set up some type of tournament .

  5. Texas Hold’em is also a good time which can be purchased with microsoft points. It would be good fun to get a couple tables going.

  6. Im up for any game night we can get going for 360. good show fellas. a little long winded but , that comes with drinking . Too bad my bro couldn`t join us for this episode . hey we all can`t be there for all of them.


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