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Lyfeliek Guests On TCM Episode 97- An Invasion of Hosts

It’s the TCM mash-up, baby! Never before have we had such an all-star cast. Join us this week for episode 97. BigSmooth8, Highclass1979, GothicMike, DetectiveBird are joined in the Merc Cave, with the advancements of modern technology, by Upaut, JSSLifelike, and Simon D.I. where we discuss the latest in games. The show covers a wide-range […]

New Xenoblade Media From Monolithsoft

From Just when it was thought to be dead, the Xeno family’s soul still burns. Revealed at E3 2009 for Nintendo Wii, under the code name Monado, the game is set to be released in Japan this year. It will be developed by Monoliftsoft under the direction of who I generally call The Xenoguy […]

Mistwalker Pulls Back Curtain On Wii RPG

From Mistwalker has finally unveiled their new project, The Last Story. After much speculation regarding what Mistwalker has been teasing the past few months, the game has been confirmed for the Wii. Nintendo and Mistwalker have yet to share many details, but the game is an RPG and will be released in Japan this […]

English PC/PS2 PSU Servers Closing March 31, 2010

Attention Phantasy Star Universe players, We regret to announce that the PC and PlayStation2 servers for Phantasy Star Universe will be closing as of this March 31st, 2010. SEGA would like to extend its sincere thanks to those who have played on the PC/PS2 servers over the past several years. The final update for PC/PS2 […]

GoG timer up. The big news is…

In a landmark deal for the DRM-free digital distribution movement, Activision Publishing Inc. is bringing a wide range of classic games to! It’s now official, we’re bringing you the biggest announcement in’s history – Activision with it’s wealth of PC gaming gems has joined our DRM-free family. With the announcement we’re revealing first […]

Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew showcase: Dragon Quest 5 Translation

A new translation just hit the scene today, and its a good one. The PS2 remake of Dragon Quest 5! From the Projects Website: Of unique RPGs, this one is about as good as it gets. 12 years after its original Super Famicom release, Square Enix astonished its fans with this worth Playstation 2 port […]

What Do You All Think About A Retro-Game Group?

I had a thought today about possibly starting a retro-game group that would meet on the weeks opposite the show. We could set up a play limit(by using a FAQ and governing to what point we should play that week) so that those who are unable to make it could catch up through the week. […]