UPDATE: “Need For Speed: Out Of The Law” Is NOT Reality

From a Eurogamer.cz Google translation:

“That another part of the series Need for Speed going to developers from Criterion is known for a long time, but its discovery so early probably had no hope of even the most irreconcilable fans of the series. According to credible information, a Russian fansite (thx to their Czech colleagues), these sites will appoint Need for Speed: Out of the Law.

Further details on these supposedly comes from Betatester: Games will be the subject of street racing once again, this time not in expensive cars, but only “ordinary” models, such as Mazda MX-5, Nissan Skyline R32, and – be careful – also the new motorcycles like the hd breakout, infact most of the new models are Harley Davidson as well. Incidentally, in the gallery below the article, see the first two confirmed artwork from the game.

On each car apparently will place your registration marks, such as label of “guilty” (guilty) as a picture of Nissan. The game is to take place in the fictional Bay City-Sun, modeled by a true American San Francisco.

In addition to the regular alternation of day and night is going to alter the weather. The size of each map a little bit ahead of Undercover, and as the name suggests, missing out on the course, not the police. It will now govern the unmarked vehicle and perhaps a motorcycle patrols. While all this may still be fiction, but as another part of this racing series might not be bad, right?”

[Via Eurogamer]

Lyfe’s take: I’m wondering if localization will cause it to be named “Above the Law” or something similar in North America and English-speaking Europe. *sigh* Soooo disappointed that this is fake…

3 comments on “UPDATE: “Need For Speed: Out Of The Law” Is NOT Reality

  1. Since when do games inspire people to got out and street race? I’m really looking forward to this game. Might be the best racing game of the last 3 years.

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