Changes Coming For The Gamesmen

Big changes are coming soon for the site and the show! We’ve been feeling a bit guilty as of late- the posts have been a bit regurgitated and the show has felt more and more forced and contrived. The Podcast is will have a new episode every OTHER week from now on, but it may come in a little different fashion that you are all accustomed to. Don’t worry, the format will stay the same- opening with the Featured Music, RPG, then Involving the Community through Twitter. Don’t think of it as scaling back- imagine how much we will have to talk about with and extra week of content waiting for us! We appreciate each and every one of you listening(and/or reading) and we feel our content has not been up to YOUR standards. This is a time to be excited. The “streamlined” Gamesmen are coming soon.

Also, if you feel your skills as a writer could be used on the site, be sure to email a sample to TheGamesmenRPG@gmail.com!

3 comments on “Changes Coming For The Gamesmen

  1. I’d been thinking of suggesting that every fortnight would be a good idea, bearing in mind you guys have to fit this around your families and full-time paying jobs, but I didn’t want to come across as being negative. It’s not about the quantity, it’s about the quality… as I keep telling the wife. 🙂

    • lol and yes- It is almost as a black hole sucking up a great deal of time. An entertaining black hole, but one nonetheless. Kudos to sites that do it weekly and bonus points if they have a full-time job, their own side business, and a family. I can’t. 🙂

      • Do I get some points for having a full time job, a kid, a wife and record every weekend? I’m missing my side business to get the full points I’m sure.

        I like quality first for a show. Who knows Steve, maybe you were meant to do something else on those off weeks?… wink wink.

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