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Mysterious countdown on GoG.com

Countdown to what?

A countdown timer has been added to the main page of GoG.com ending on 1/28 with the tagline

“Expect the unexcelled.”

Guesses as to what this could mean can be found in this thread:

The Countdown has started!

Lukasz Kukawski in a recent interview had this to say:

“Our goal is to have all Good Old Games in the catalogue and we’re doing it, step by step. I believe that in the near future GOG will offer games from all the biggest publishers in the world. With the nearest announcements planned for the first quarter of 2010 we’re making a huge step in this direction.”

Any Guesses as to what this could mean? I for one hope that it brings some of the sites most wanted games (System Shock 2 and Planescape: Torment) to GoG. I’m sure no matter what, its going to be a treat!

[Via GoG.com]

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