OnLive Proves Too Good To Be True

An excerpt from ars technica:

“The games were running at 1280 by 720, and the expected issues became reality. “The input lag on UT3 was so noticeably bad with the mouse and keyboard that I would call [the] game simply unplayable. I often found myself overshooting the mouse movement by half a screen, moving well past my intended target because the cursor didn’t stop when I did.

The problem wasn’t nearly as bad when played with an Xbox 360 controller, but Shrout found the graphics were sharper when played locally. The graphics aren’t anything to phone home about, the lag was noticeable, and the resolution wasn’t set very high. When something sounds too good to be true… that’s usually a hint about the final product.”

So, are any of you convinced that OnLive will actually work in the end? Please follow the link below and read the complete article to get a better sense of the discussion, then leave us a comment on your thoughts.

[Via ars technica]

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