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Emulation/Romhack/Homebrew showcase: Front Mission 5 fan translation

I’m an avid fan of the emulation/homebrew/romhacking scene. Many great games, conversions and fan translations come out of the scene, and i figured i’d stop being greedy, and share some of my favorites.

Today its the Front Mission 5 fan translation. I am an avid fan of the series, but the 4th one left a bad taste in my mouth. Front Mission 5 turned the series around, unfortunately, it never left Japan. Apply this patch to the Japanese version of the game for a full english translation!

From the projects website:

“After 2 years in development, 2000+ pages of dialogue and thousands of hours of work, the team is proud to announce the availability of the final patch for Front Mission 5: Scars of the War – today on the 4th anniversary of the game release.”

The patch can be downloaded from the official site:

Front Mission Series Translation Project


**Note: The Gamesmen do not support piracy. downloading ROMs and game images is not legal. Please make your own ROM dumps and game images.**

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