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What Do You All Think About A Retro-Game Group?

I had a thought today about possibly starting a retro-game group that would meet on the weeks opposite the show. We could set up a play limit(by using a FAQ and governing to what point we should play that week) so that those who are unable to make it could catch up through the week. I was simply having a browse today and came across ol’ Oni Link here and had the desire to play Majora’s Mask again(as I believe the new Zelda this year will resemble it). Adventure/platformers are more than likey the best candidates for nights such as these, so post here with your comments/feelings. We could meet and voice chat on Skype where those of you who do not own an N64 or Wii could play via emulator(I will provide the links if necessary).

One comment on “What Do You All Think About A Retro-Game Group?

  1. i’m interested, although as far as emulation goes, its usually kinda hard to get em set up and working the way you want, and the n64 is probably the hardest to get set up and working. damn render to texture and framebuffer effects ftl

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