Limited Editions You Never Knew Existed: Cursed Mountain

Cursed Mountain was one Wii game that I had always intended to be on my shelf, but I never got around to making it so. When I saw that its price had been dropped to the sub-twenty-dollar mark, I was ready to jump on it. Just then, I saw that one of the suggested links read, “Cursed Mountain Limited Edition“. Hmmm, intrigued.

Hardcore Wii title? Check. STEELBOOK? Check. A second disc with “The Making of Cursed Mountain” on one side and the full soundtrack on the other? Check. And only two left? Perfect. This was my chance(the LE was a mere ten dollars more). The game was co-developed by Sproing Interactive and Deep Silver Vienna(whom we discussed on the last show), making this almost their swan song. “Even if I do not play it to completion, it will be a great item for the collection”, I muttered to myself. Here is the difference between the two covers:

To my pleasant surprise, I am really enjoying the game thus far. While definitely an imperfect game and not of AAA pedigree, there are some great mechanics at work here. I am three chapters in at this point and am ready(and extremely willing) to keep going. Look for the Retrospective Review in the near future.

3 comments on “Limited Editions You Never Knew Existed: Cursed Mountain

  1. nice! I like games that nobody knows about, it makes them that much more fascinating.

    Great find, how much?

    • $29.99 and it’s already out of stock most places. It was a game I figured I could stomach a lot better like this than at $50 full launch price. We usually pay $10 extra for Collector’s Editions for the current generation of games, so it’s budget priced now. It is a different take on survival horror almost on the same wavelegnth as Dead Space, but not near as polished. CM does a LOT with audio.

  2. How does Wii = Collectors Edition if it isn’t a Mario or Zelda game? I’m just saying…

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