Uncharted 2 Tourney, Part 2- Can YOU “Hang”?

It will be time once again to gear up for part 2 of the Uncharted 2 tourney on Friday, March 5th 2010! Here are the results from part 1 last Friday:


The Gamesmen vs. The Couch Mercenaries(3-0)

Black Market Int’l vs. TQcast(3-0)


The Gamesmen vs. Black Market Int’l(3-2 inc. tie-breaker, loser plays Fanboys to advance to final)

The Fanboys(first-round bye) vs. Black Market Int’l(3/5/2010, winner faces Gamesmen)


The Gamesmen vs. ???

There you have it! Hope to see you all again Friday!

3 comments on “Uncharted 2 Tourney, Part 2- Can YOU “Hang”?

  1. I can’t wait……………. to just hang out

  2. We actually beat the BMI Team 2-0…then played a bunch of filler games waiting on the Fanboys to never show up until 1AM.

    Still….TGM dominated TCM, TGM massacred BMI…..Fanboys might as well call in sick.

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