Monster Hunter Monday- Sword and Shield

Beginning today, March 8th, The Gamesmen will feature each weapon class from the upcoming online multiplayer Wii title, Monster Hunter Tri through consecutive weeks all the way up to its April 20th release. The posts will include a short synopsis, Wii controls scanned from the demo “manual”, and a short video showcasing the weapons. The first is the most basic, the Sword and Shield.

The Monster Hunter Wiki (http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/) states that Sword and Shield hunters focus on using a wide variety of elemental swords to inflict quick considerable damage.

The Sword and Shield weapon class is the most basic of all weapon types that hunters utilize in the Monster Hunter franchise. Also known as SnS, this weapon type exploits the natural speed and agility of the light-weight sword in conjunction with a small shield. A hunter is able to run and perform a rolling dodge with this weapon unsheathed, and is able to suppress certain types of attacks within the shield’s meagerly-sized hitbox with a block.

While staying this impressively mobile, the typical SnS only has a limited damage potential; indeed, some of the lowest attack power in the game makes its home in the SnS category. To compensate, many of the weapons in this category are imbued with powerful elemental properties or status ailment inflictions.

2 comments on “Monster Hunter Monday- Sword and Shield

  1. you can use the classic controller for this one, right. cause those controls look confusing as hell. this is not a game made for the wiimote.

    • Yeah, Ima make a post about the Classic Controller Pro soon as well. I actually cannot wait to try Mario Kart with it as well. And yes- that control scheme is C-R-A-Z-Y.

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