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Up Close and Personal: Classic Controller Pro

Since we began making a huge deal about the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Tri on April 20th with our “Monster Hunter Monday” feature, some of you, the listeners/readers, have been asking about the improver version of Nintendo’s Classic Controller, the Pro. While researching, I found an article at 1up.com by Justin Epperson dated July 31, 2009 that you all need to see. Here’s a shot of the controller:

As you can see, the analog sticks, while retaining placement on the face of the controller, have been slid a bit more apart from each other.

This joypad is a beast(for Nintendo, at least)! It completely towers over it’s closest resemblance, the DualShock. This shot gives a great feel for the size of the grips.

Hell, the Classic Controller Pro even looks like it can hang with the cinder-block size and weight of the Xbox360 controller as well!

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