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Monster Hunter Monday- Great Sword

Each Monday, The Gamesmen will feature each weapon class from the upcoming online multiplayer Wii title, Monster Hunter Tri, through consecutive weeks all the way up to its April 20th release. The posts will include a short synopsis, Wii controls scanned from the demo “manual”, and a short video showcasing the weapons. You can read Week One’s post here. The feature today is quite possibly the trademark of the series, the Great Sword.

The Monster Hunter Wiki (http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/) states that the Great Sword, a classic weapon first introduced into Monster Hunter, is a weapon capable of dealing massive damage, and its way of use has changed since Monster Hunter 2, when it was given a charged attack. The weapon tree for the Great Sword its divided between 2 main branches: the Buster Sword branch and Bone Blade branch. The Buster Sword branch has slightly less overall sharpness than the Bone Blade in exchange for a wider amount of elemental damage up its sleeve, but both sides have generally lower sharpness bars than other weapons, so it’s wise to have sharpening tools around.

A weapon which has its own deep of use and it requires certain amount of training to be able to master it and fully use it, the Great Sword is not just any big pointy stick. It can also block, serving as a shield with slightly better protection than the Sword and Shield, as well as a fast-draw shielding ability. This shielding ability comes with a downfall, however, as each time you shield an attack the sword will lose sharpness.

One comment on “Monster Hunter Monday- Great Sword

  1. these are my main weapons. once your charged you can do some serious damage.

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