The Gamesmen EXTRA Live Tonight On GamerCorp 9PM EST

Join us tonight for the inaugural episode of “The Gamesmen EXTRA” tonight on GamerCorporation at 9:00 PM EST! Lyfeliek and the Rabid Scotsman(sometimes possibly others) will get you warmed up and begin to take calls, so beginning at around 9:20 PST, give us a ring at (267)940-RPG1 or ‘jsslifelike’ via Skype. The question of the evening: “Will you purchase PlayStation Move day one and why or why not?”


5 comments on “The Gamesmen EXTRA Live Tonight On GamerCorp 9PM EST

  1. i think under the CALL US! you need to add a “WE’RE READY TO BELIEVE YOU!”

  2. lolz @Zeiram Wing!

    Thanks to all who came out for the show tonight! We hope to see you all next week for The Gamesmen, Episode 30!

  3. GREAT job, guys! Lots of deep talk about the new wave of motion control (no pun intended), lots of hot games, and some awesome listener call-ins.

    I can’t wait for #30!

  4. Is there a link to download this from? I can’t be up at 2am on a Wednesday morning to listen to this live, sorry.

    • Yeah, last week was kind of a trial run. This is something that has needed to be clarified to a lot of listeners. Tonight’s show WILL BE RECORDED and posted up on the normal RSS feed. There was a technical issue last week that was rectified for this show, so let’s get set to discuss DLC!

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