Rabid Ramblings: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

This being the future and all:

Hilarious! Entirely accurate or not, it’s just an advertisement – and a decently well thought-out one at that. Was it just me, or was that a picture of Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, sitting next to the PS3? The best way to appeal to the intelligent gamer: Easter-Eggs.

There is a little part inside me (despite the fact that I do not own a PS3 yet) that is cheering for Sony. They have made a public stand, albeit a passive-aggressive one, when it comes to marketing their product.

Nothing wrong with a little competition.

I am trying my best to remain neutral on the subject. I’m sure each of the new iterations of movement-based controllers will have their distinct characteristics to bring to the table that will provide a different experience for both games and interfacing. Hopefully what we’ll see here is an outcome that will lead to the next generation of consoles having a more unified new “controller”, both innovative and accurate; therefore propelling our gaming interactions forward in the generations to come.

“You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy.”

Of course, the ultimate dream for this writer would be a complete virtual interface that lets you move and make your own decisions freely.

This could take the form of choosing to sneak up on your enemy and stab him in the back, run in guns blazing, or point and speak to command your army. You could sift through your hand in Magic The Gathering, and choose to simply place that “Fireball” from your hand, or take careful aim at the TV and fling it at the target. Personally, I would like it to recognize that I did, in fact, just use my shield to brain that enemy. Although, from a developers standpoint: developing a system that recognizes virtually everything you do and creating a consequence for it is undoubtedly immense. By the time what I am describing has come to pass, the development industry will most likely have had to change by leaps and bounds as well. Code may even be automatically generated by a motion capture program that recognizes the programmer as they move and sway… but how long will it take for cocky CEOs to realize they don’t have to pay programmers – just bring in Mike Tyson to do the swinging for his next game. How about when they find an amateur fighter who moves just like him and costs less?

Is there a patent on that? If not, I have dibs.

Though Kevin Butler can broadcast from the future, I do not have that ability – which I sorely regret; there is no way of knowing how the next generation of control, or consoles for that matter, will turn out. But it’s fun to dream, which is how the industry has come this far to begin with. After all, it was Nintendo that dared to dream up the basics in the first place. So to that end, I tip my hat to them.

Until next time, “What Role Will YOU Play”? And in this case, how?

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7 comments on “Rabid Ramblings: Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

  1. Brilliant article!

    That may very well be one of the funniest commercials I’ve seen. Sony is really on-point with the recent marketing blitz. Paired with great exclusives so far this year, how can you NOT finally root for them?

    Is it not utter hilarity that we used to view the future that way in the 80’s?

    • I hear ya. I totally want that hat. I bet it’s called “The Sun Amplifier”. Looks like it’s blinding the poor kid in the back. I dig the “spatula” look on Elijah Wood there too.

      Still no hover boards though. Get to work on the important stuff already scientists!

  2. Great job, Scots! Your hilarious and informative views need to be read more often! Bring us more ramblings!

  3. Very well done, Scotsman! I don’t want to sound like i’m hatin on your article (but probably will) but while i agree with the more choices in games, i have a completely opposite feeling for these new imput devices.

    • Yes, they are somewhat counter-intuitive in some ways as well. You know what they say though… “Everything’s stolen.” (lol) Speaking of, I wonder how much Sony had to pay Nintendo to even be able to make the Move…

  4. that thing looks like a sex toy…

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