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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition(Director’s Cut) Now At $10

From CinemaBlend.com:

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Now $10 Digital game store Impulse announced their slate of weekend discounts today. A 33% discount on role-playing game The Witcher: Enhanced Edition leads the way.

The Enhanced Edition of Witcher adds the D’jinni Adventure Editor, two adventure modules, the Official Soundtrack CD, a “Music Inspired by The Witcher” CD, an official game guide, a making-of DVD, and a map of the game world. Normally $15, it’s just $10 for the next few days.

Other active deals include a 33% price cut on X-Com Complete Pack and a 50% discount on Divine Divinity. Oh yeah, Little Pet Shop is half off, too. Better hop on that one.

The discount on Witcher is quite timely. Earlier this week CD Projekt RED formally announced its sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


[Via cinemablend.com]

One comment on “The Witcher: Enhanced Edition(Director’s Cut) Now At $10

  1. Kinda leaves you wondering, what’s the catch? I mean, that’s a LOT of extras for $10. Then again, Stardock seems to do everything right towards their consumer. We are talking about the maker of the “Gamers Rights Amendment”.

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