The Gamesmen EXTRA Live 3/30/10 9PM EST

Join us Tuesday for the newest episode of “The Gamesmen EXTRA” on GamerCorporation at 8PM CST / 9PM EST! Lyfeliek and the Rabid Scotsman(sometimes possibly others) will get you warmed up and begin to take calls, so beginning at around 9:10 EST, give us a ring at (267)940-RPG1 or ‘jsslifelike’ via Skype. The topic of the evening will be the “Community Random Encounter” from The Gamesmen, Episode 30:

(Via Gamasutra, 3/22/10)After an investor visit with Electronic Arts, analyst Michael Pachter said that the publisher is planning a strategy that will involve selling “premium downloadable content” before a packaged game’s release. According to a Monday investor note from Wedbush Morgan’s Pachter, Nick Earl, general manager of EA-owned Dead Space studio Visceral Games, revealed the new strategy. Pachter wrote, “The PDLC would be sold for $10 or $15 through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and would essentially be a very long game demo, along the lines of 2009’s Battlefield 1943.” He added, “A full-blown packaged game would follow shortly after the release of the PDLC, bearing a full retail price.” You are the gaming community. How will PDLC be received?

So, download the latest show, listen to the CRE, and formulate an opinion in order to call in for discussion on www.gamercorporation.com! Hope to see you!

2 comments on “The Gamesmen EXTRA Live 3/30/10 9PM EST

  1. that was fun

  2. Good show fellas. Good topic this week . Good to hear people call in . Shout to my bro beerandbeards.

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