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(Belated)Monster Hunter Monday- Bowgun

Yeah, this post is late. Deal with it. >_<

Each Monday, The Gamesmen will feature each weapon class from the upcoming online multiplayer Wii title, Monster Hunter Tri, through consecutive weeks all the way up to its April 20th release. The posts will include a short synopsis, Wii controls scanned from the demo “manual”, and a short video showcasing the weapons. The featured weapon this week takes a special type of player to use- the Bowgun.

Monster Hunter Monday, Week 1- Sword and Shield
Monster Hunter Monday, Week 2- Great Sword
Monster Hunter Monday, Week 3- Hammer

The Monster Hunter Wiki (http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/) states that Bowguns in Monster Hunter 3 actually consist of three separate parts: Frame, Barrel, and Stock. These each have their own weight values; they can be mixed and matched and the collective weight of the parts determines what weight category the resulting bowgun will fall in:

  • Light – 29 weight or less
  • Medium – 30 ~ 70 weight
  • Heavy – 71 weight or greater

Light Bowguns are ranged weapons that allow the player to run with the weapon drawn and attack quickly due to its light weight. Although the hunter has the advantage of being able to run around, Light Bowguns are generally lacking in attack power. They also have the disadvantage of carrying less ammo types to use than their ranged counterparts. This has been somewhat compensated in Monster Hunter 2 with the unique ability of some Light Bowguns with “Rapid-fire”, which fire multiple rounds at once. Light Bowguns are original weapons first seen in Monster Hunter.

The Medium Bowgun is a new classification of Bowgun introduced in Monster Hunter 3. It is believed to perform much the same as the Light and Heavy Bowguns, simply having an effective weight between the two.

Heavy Bowguns are ranged weapons that pack a powerful punch, but due to their size and weight, do not allow you to run. Most commonly, heavy bowguns are able to use the majority of ammo types, and typically, the stronger or higher-level the bowgun, the stronger the ammo types it is able to use. Heavy Bowguns are original weapons first seen in Monster Hunter. In Monster Hunter 2, you are now able to upgrade your Heavy Bowgun with a shield. Heavy bowguns can be equipped with a long-barrel or a shield with their own advantages. Equipping a long barrel will increase the accuracy of the bowgun along with its attack power, meanwhile equipping the shield will enable the “Autoguard” skill, compensating the movement restriction from the weapon.

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